MOMMA! I’m on TV.

Something beautiful happened that gave me an opportunity to express my love for what I do! A segment recently aired on CW33, a local news station in Dallas/Ft. Worth, that highlighted veganism and how it can impact the black community. I was grateful to be able to voice my opinion and give my take on how we can do better as a community. Seeing relatives and friends struggle with illnesses that can be prevented through diet start to weigh on you, so it’s time you do something about it. Whatever you can do, whatever is in your power.


Health is a huge concern for everyone on this Earth because it’s something that has to be constantly maintained. Let’s start taking preventative measures now to lessen the chances of us having to receive bad news from our doctors in the future.



Also, seeing my mom’s face light up when she saw her son on TV solidified that I’m on the right path. I hope you guys enjoy the content on the site and my social media and it’ll only get better over time!

“Yo body is a temple, not a graveyard.”


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