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Bam’s Vegan Love Donations

Bam’s Vegan Location

This is simply for anyone who wants to donate to the cause for us to build out our first flagship location. Opening up the doors to a new commercial business comes with added costs and operations, even though we are doing our best to fund this operation, help is always needed. This will go towards equipment, staffing, and food cost. All these donations will be flipped and given back in community efforts once the doors are open!


We’ve been through pop ups, headed restaurants, broke, farmers markets, unpaid gigs, fairs, side of streets, and now … we just secured our first real home.

Bam’s Vegan: Smoothies & Wraps will be located at 2301 N. O’Connor Road #C Irving, Texas 75062.

This first physical location will have a big focus on healthier items like smoothies, smoothie bowls, wraps, etc. This will also be used as our test kitchen to test out and provide new products and recipes to you!

This place will allow us to do a few things that I’m excited about.

First, it will allow us to create a culture. Stability finally allows us to map out the vision and chip away at it everyday we walk in. The vision of a healthier community stands strong and we want to do what we can to play our role in that. We want to build a presence felt that is felt not only by our staff who carries it out, but our customers who decide to visit us as well.

Secondly, this will help us with our capacity to give back. With having more space and your own kitchen you’re able to give back in a higher capacity than having no kitchen, believe me! Every month we are donating a set amount of meals per month to help encourage a more plant based style of eating within the black community. Being able to invite in volunteers to help prep and deliver these meals will help with the culture building and community efforts.

Third, we just want to create. Finally having something we can call our dojo our test kitchen is huge. New products, recipes, and services have been screaming to be let loose and now is the time. Everyday we will work to bring you new products, like the Truth Sauce and more at a larger scale. We will also finally to be able to open up, and keep up demands for shipping outside of Texas. So don’t hate me anymore, it’s coming.

Bam’s Vegan: Smoothies & Wraps will have a small set Grab & Go style menu, but will be majority rotating menu with specials depending on the availability of the fruits and veggies. We will also do our part in sourcing as much produce as we can locally.


  1. First tried your recipes at a festival/fair in the West Dallas area. I’ve been a supporter every since.

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