FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here are the answers to a couple of frequently asked questions I get throughout my social media platforms.

Where are you located?

Normally, before COVID19 (March 13th, 2020) we would be located at the Dallas Farmers Market on Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 5pm or until sold out.

Are you still at the Dallas Farmers Market on weekends?

Due to COVID19, we are no longer at the Dallas Farmers Market until things open back up fully. We will make an announcement when we are back serving there.

What will you be serving at the Dallas Farmers Market?

We are introducing a new concept to the market which focuses on our burger enterprise. We will have items ranging from Smoked BBQ Jackfruit Sandwiches, Double Bacon Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sandwiches, Seasoned Fries, and more!

Bam’s Vegan: Burger joint will be introduced at the market.

When is the grand opening for Bam’s Vegan Smoothies & Wraps?

We’re looking for a soft opening around mid October to roll out a limited menu of smoothies and wraps. January 2021 looks like a solid plan for us to roll out a grand opening once all the operations and links are ironed out.

Explain Bam’s Vegan Smoothies & Wraps?

Our smoothies and wraps concepts aims to bring healthier more plant based foods to our community. Which minimizes cooked and processed vegan items and helps us hone in on actual nutrition.

This place will be a safe haven for people to come and not have to questions the items that are in their food and know that they are getting the best meal possible that benefits mind, body, and soul.

At our dojo we will not only create new products to be launched into retail to make your transition into a plant based lifestyle easier, we will also team with other chefs around the area to support them and bring you a wide array of different plant based products to add to your arsenal.

This dojo will be a place to create, vibe, experience, and just have plain fun. Let loose and manifest higher. Everyday we aim to grow and accomplish things we couldn’t yesterday.

Do you sell food during the week?

Currently, we don’t. Once Bam’s Vegan Smoothies & Wraps Open we will. Or, if I did have a random pop up I’ll always announce on my social media platforms. Specifically Instagram.

Do you cater?

Yes we do cater, click on our services link to find out more.

Do you do collaborations?

Not with everyone, but all businesses inquiries can be sent to my email contact@bamsvegan.com

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